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Cause...the life begins at 60s

Hi there! My name is Alfred Smatlanek Sikula. I am a Photo/Videographer and aspiring adventurer.

I am a regular guy with a touch of chilly pepper in my soul. Sometimes it has been really hot, like the Carolina Reaper - the hottest pepper in the world! 


I have a master degree in Sport and Biology, accomplished the courses of the DEA and Custom Service of the USA, Ontario Real Estate Association agent certificate, Masseur and Fitness trainer certificate...


I ran 420 km in the 4 days, I played basketball 36 hours straight, I chased criminals as a policeman, I drove 500 000 km in a Volvo truck in the Northern America and I drove 10 000 km in the Northern America on a small Honda Civic from Toronto, ON, Canada to Victoria, BC and back in 20 days, I was selling real estates in Canada and in the EU...


Lived here and there. Worked as a professional photographer, policeman, truck driver, sport teacher, masseur, fitness trainer, lifeguard, real estate agent...


I needed a break from all of this for some months. I felt burnt out from new creative ideas for photos/videos, my life was ticking in the same rhythm over and over again... but now, recharged, it feels like my life is just beginning.

Visiting a gym 3 times a week, driving my bicycle every day, having a protein diet and feeling again those positive vibrations when touching my Sony A7IV... and planning so many new brutal adventures that I will need a few more lives to accomplish all of them.

Because, I have a message for you:

"Life begins after 60s!!!"

You will understand why, once you will get there!

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My crazy achievements


Professional achievements

- sport teacher

- ex-police force

- truck driver in the USA and Canada

- accredited journalist and photographer at the Junior Winter Olympic Games Lausanne, Switzerland 2020

- sport, food and real estate photographer for BOOM Italy and MEERO France

- masseur for the Canadian Junior Cricket team

- masseur/lifeguard for 5 star hotels in Italy 

- real estate agent 


Personal achievements

- 15 years old, with my friend Tony, we organized 36 hours of basketbal marathon

-  20 years old I ran with colleagues from my University a 420 km run in 4 days

- 2 years of a "every boys dream" of driving heavy truck in the USA and Canada

- 10000 km drive from Toronto, ON to Victoria, BC, Canada and back

- Current:

I live and work in the most beautiful country in the world - Italy


What´s next

Having a few months break from photography and adventure I feel recharged again.

It´s time to bring some new challenges into my life.

Being 60 years "young", I feel like now it´s time for more!

The idea of not only get back to the photo/videography but a travelling on a motorcycle around the world challenge has been created in my head. I am not sure if, at the end, I will be able to do it, but I will give a try.

I am sure, I will begin in Italy, where I live. 

The funny side of this idea is, that I have only driven so far a 125cc scooter. 

The solid base for some real adventure has been set!


Where to Find Me

+39/3275431910 (ITA)

+421/947940115 (SVK)

Merano, BZ, Italy

Bratislava, Slovakia

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