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Mag. Alfred Smatlanek Sikula

The right moment to take a perfect photo exists now, not tomorrow, or yesterday!

  • Photographer, an adventurer, a dreamer and sometimes, some say, quite a funny guy! I am university educated as a teacher of Sport and Biology with experience of...what can I say?...you won't believe it, anyway!

  • Photographer - for around the last 19 years, my recent equipment - Sony Alpha 6500, lens - Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS, Sony FE 18-135mm 3,5-5,6 OSS, Sony FE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS, Sony 35mm 1.8 OSS, GoPro 7 black, AFI MRA01 panorama ball head, drone FIMI X8 SE 4K.

  • Adventurer - for all of my life, born in Europe, living in North America, then moved back to Europe. I've travelled the world (Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA, Mexico), recently planning again an another extraordinary trip.

  • Dreamer - the dreams are my motivation to stay strong and fit and to follow the direction without shortcuts,. We won't survive this life anyway, so why to take it so seriously? The right moment to enjoy the life exists now, not tomorrow, or yesterday! Be patient, build your mental power, stay decent and motivated, learn your own way and it will come back to you for good.  Then pass it to the next generation to give them an option, you and I we hope, the better one.

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info@alfredssikula.com, cell: 00393275431910, Meran, BZ, Italy