A lesson learnt! No hiking without preparation!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Looking at the Google map it seems to be an easy hike!

Aussichtpunkt Kreuz above the town of Partschins (South Tirol, Italy) is my destination.

Map shows that distance from Greiterhof restaurant to the Kreuz is only about 100 metres up in the hill.

I pack all of my toys, Sony Alpha7III, Sony G lenses 70-200 f4, 16-35 f4, Insta360 action cam, AFI MRA01 panoramic head, spare batteries, extra power bank, only DJI Mavic Air 2 drone this time must stay at home.

Driving to the Greiterhof takes about 35-40 minutes.

I can’t find the way up from the Greiterhof, where I park my car, so I decide to look for some human being, to ask for direction.

Older man, probably the owner, tells me, that it’s only 30 minutes up hill.

It’s shortly after 3 pm. Let’s give it a go!


After an hour or so climbing up the wild forest above Partschins and still being a few hundred meters below the top of the hill, where supposed to be my destination, I just give it up!

I am not judging the old man information, It's just too far, a way too steep and tough!

A lesson learnt.

I can not make a trip without perfect preparation and without being 100% sure that my sources are reliable.

It is better to start a trip earlier and have some spare time when I reach a destination, for more reasons:

1/Mountains are unpredictable, terrain and weather.

2/Climbing up is demanding, to rest a bit before shooting is needed.

3/Observation of the spot and scenery.

4/Secure the camera tripod taking uneven terrain into consideration.

5/Setting up the camera taking position of the sun and composition of the shots into consideration.

6/Waiting for the Golden Hour.

7/Creating unforgettable moments with peace in mind, not in hurry.

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