Feeling nothing but nostalgia

Updated: Apr 10

Standing by the river with my camera,

the sun, slowly going down, is shinning like if It were summer,

temperature around 10° Celsius,

not that many colours on the trees surrounding the river,

two young people burning fire on the shore,

It touches my soul, when smoke reaches my nose,

closing my eyes for a moment:

"I am young and eager to explore the world full of adventures.

I am Winnetou, riding my horse Iltschi on the river shore..."

Just being a hero again, for a moment...

Opening my eyes brings me back to reality,

but Winnetou will always have his place in my heart.

This short video was made by using LUT which I believe shows the style of the movies in the early 60's (1963) when Winnetou was introduced at the cinemas in Germany.

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