Giro d'Italia - stage 18, start at the km 0 in Rovereto on May 27 2021

70-200 Sony lens glass cleaned, camera batteries recharged...came 2 hours before to find the perfect spot for taking stunning pictures of the world best athletes on the bicycles.

Laying down on the asphalt pointing my camera slightly up seemed to be the perfect angle.




When a sound of the helicopter making live broadcast was approaching, my heart started to beat faster.

They are here every second.

At that moment came a motorcycle, parked right in front of me lying on the asphalt.

All I could see was two guys on the motorcycle and somewhere from behind them approaching a peloton of the Giro d'Italia.

I stood up, chaotically looking for some angle to start shooting of the fast approaching peloton.

It was just a moment when my camera soon reached the maximum burst rate (set to High+)... the peloton passed by.

I took two more single images of the peloton from behind.

They were gone.

All in all - two hours drive to Rovereto, two hours waiting, ten seconds of shooting Giro d'Italia - my dream has finally come true.

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