Großer Mittager in 360° - 2422m, Monte Catino, Italy

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Brutal pain in my legs after this hike's taught me a lesson:

  1. Plan your trip!

  2. Re-thing over the all important details!

  3. Pack your gear and go!

  4. Be realistic about the timelines of your trip - a cable car, a chairlift, then 1 hour hiking up and after shooting returning back!

  5. Don't spend too much time waiting for a perfect moment when shooting up there!

  6. Don't blame anyone when you are late on the way back and the chairlift is closed.

  7. Don't blame anyone when you are late on the way back and the cable care is closed.

  8. Next few days enjoy the pain in your musculus quadriceps because the mistakes you have done within the steps mentioned above!

Beautiful sunny day, ideal for a photo-shooting in the mountains.

I have taken with me my 360° camera, Sony M7III and my DJI Mavic Air2 drone.

Eventually, I didn't use the drone, there was no time for it.

At the end, I was happy with the half of the tasks I had accomplished up there.

Now comes a brutal experience from this trip!

It was such a long steep descent that I was happy to fall on my back only twice.

Brutal pain in my knees and back, feeling of a fire in the leg muscles, 15kg weight of a gear in the backpack and another bag on my shoulder.

After, altogether - 24km hike, I reached a parking lot in Falzeben, where my Skoda Yeti was parked.

What an adrenaline end of the day!!!

Looking around just click and drag.

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