Horse race in Merano, Italy, this time a bit different :)

Everything fell on the race track in Merano on September 6, 2020. Rain and also jockeys and horses. During the fourth race, even a part of the railing fell.

The relaxing atmosphere is gone. Only a few visitors at the beginning at 2 o'clock. Only some with face protection mask. Then, later on a bit more came. Seemed to me that horses felt the tension too.

One or two were without an accident. During the rest of the races the horses were running up and down without jockeys, teams tried to stop them, unsuccessfully! The horses enjoyed running loose, running faster than those with jockeys, this all created a bizarre theatre for the spectators. There were three horses running three rounds without jockeys. There was another free running horse crossing the race track and hitting railing so hard, that railing fell apart.

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