Ida-Lin Hübscher "Stay by my side"

Talented Swizz singer Ida-Lin Hübscher asked me to cooperate with her team on creating music video for her song from the album Grown.

It was a challenge because of 2 hour time frame available.

In cooperation with the team we did a decent job and I can say, that I am happy with the result.

In the end you can rate it yourself.

Ida-Lin Hübscher

Stay by my side

Album: Grown

Year: 2015

Label: Hill Entertainment Kilian Schmidlin

Video created by: Alfred Smatlanek Sikula

Location: Meran/o, BZ, Italy

Date: 06.03.2022

Credits: Ida-Lin Hübscher, Evita-Lea Hübscher

Technical cooperation: family Hübscher

Thank you Hotel Terme Meran/o

Thank you family Hübscher

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