Skydiving in its best

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The idea to visit this place had come out of the blue.

First day on Sept. 17th, 2020 I made some close-up shots of all old air-planes, a helicopter and an army vehicle staying there on the ground and that day when photographing the machines came to me a man with name Joseph!

Joseph is an amazing man, full of enthusiasm for military vehicles and information about exhibited stuff.

"Tomorrow it's going to be crowded in here, you should come!"

Yes, man, it was! Thank you so much for this suggestion!

...but Maros is the another hero of mine! See the photos...

I spent two days listening the rock music, drinking cold Kofola (tasty traditional Slovak caffeine drink) looking at the happy families, watching skydivers-parachutists and their fathers, mothers, sons and grandpas... falling down from the sky.


Letisko Slávnica č.8, 01854 Slávnica, Slovakia Mobile: 0948 074 967

is a voluntary association of citizens who perform hobby and sports activities in motorised, non - powered flying and parachuting.

There is a museum of old air-planes like Antonov AN-2, Tupolev 134-A, Avia AV-14, Lisunov Li-2, Suchoj SU22-M4, SU-7BM, Mikojan Gurevic - Mig 21 MF, Aero L29, Cmelak - Zlin Z37A, or helicopter Mil Mi-2.

But, first of all, what was the feeling when staying there beside my tripod with camera while waiting someone falling down watching the crowd enjoying the amazing sunny days: Happiness, an absolute peace of mind, friendliness and camaraderie...

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