Pattaya, Thailand night life

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Except in the huge Terminal 21 shopping centre, there are not too many people around the day on the Pattaya streets.

Late afternoon, evenings and nights are something else.

Dress well, light, get some perfume, smile on the face and go!

Streets of Pattaya are waiting for YA!

Street food stalls, shops, bars and restaurants, markets mostly open after 5 - 6pm.

Moving around is easy and cheap. If you want to go a bit further take an open van TucTuc. You get on just by waving on the driver and will pay when you get off.

They are everywhere and all the time and take you everywhere.

Bargain! If you want to save some THB for a bottle of cold drink, then find the right tactic how to deal with drivers.

It is different to pay 2 Euro or 20 cents for the same ride! They are trying why wouldn't you! It worked 95 % times.

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