Skydiving in its best - footage

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Late summer weekend afternoon of 2020 in Slavnica, SK.

Funny, but a very local version of the popular song "Horehronie" fitting to the skydivers lifestyle was the lead song in Slavnica, Slovakia those days.

Sun, smiles, families, small planes, bigger planes, kofola (Slovak traditional caffeine drink), action and fun all over the place!

I was happy to have a chance to stay there all afternoon, actually for both days of the weekend of 19-20.09.2020.

Watching those grandfathers, mums, children, young fellas and perfection of the skills of instructors falling down from the sky and then expressing their camaraderie and happiness, made me feeling happy!!!

Thank you Maros (the guy at the end pointing finger upon the sky), thank you all!

This is a footage number 1. from that fantastic event!

This footage has no sound.

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