27th Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and 5th Fitness Run (12.5 km) in Merano, Italy on May 2nd, 2021

Updated: May 8, 2021

As a former athlete, I would like to show my respect for the women at this event by dedicating this post to those strong, amazing women, who have completed these challenge.

The women are beautiful people! If I would use the paraphrase of the Jamie Uys - the director of the movie: "The gods must be crazy!"

Bravo girls, ladies, madams, grandmas, yes there were some!!!

Thank you for the emotions, for dedication in your face, for giving us motivation!

27th Half Marathon of 21.0975 km and 5th Fitness Run of 12.5 km in Merano, South Tirol, Italy on May 2nd, 2021 was this time limited to 300 and 77 participants respectively.

In the women's category won Arianna Lutteri n.15 (01:23:27) of the A.S.D.Team KM Sport, ahead of Claudia Andrighettoni (01:26:08), followed by Nicole Duerst (01:27:09).

First on the finish line of the men's category was Michael Hofer of ASV DEUTSCHNOFEN who stopped the clock on the time of 01:07:28. He preceded Hannes Perkmann (01:08:00) and Markus Ploner (01:08:12) in the men's overall ranking.

The Fitness Run won, in the men's field, Steinwandter Matthias of the ASV STERZING VOLKSBANK with a time of (00:41:14). Behind him Samuel Demetz (00:43:27) and Alex Rodigari (00:43:50).

Among the women at the top was Martina Falchetti who completed the run in 00:51:49 ahead of Veronika Hoelzl (00:54:58) and Francesca Rovelli (00:57:28).

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