Just watching beautiful machines passing by

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Stelvio Pass - 2758 m above sea level.

48 x 180 degree turns climbing up, then 40 turns going down.

When you starting up at around 900 m above sea level, it's a steep climb!

I made only one mistake, when suddenly a bicyclist crossed my way. My engine died. But I recovered quickly.

Yes, that zig-zag road 25km long, it's very popular among cyclists.

Young, old, men, women, professionals, amateurs, super carbon road bicycles, e-bicycles, metal city bicycles...profi dressed road racers, in jeans, a shirt and a hat dressed man.

You can see them all up there.

But my interest was something else.

After photo shooting in the village near by, I relaxed a bit.

Sitting in my car and watching beautiful machines passing by, letting my camera record them in slow motion.

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