World of Orchids (and butterflies) - Raffeiner Orchid Garden.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Aviary with Lori Parrot and Rainbow Lori, 400 butterflies, including Morpho Peleides, the most beautiful butterfly in the world, assortment of 150 different species of orchids all in the huge garden house built with interior of a tropical villa.

Address: Gargazon (BZ), Reichsstrasse, 26, Italy

Relaxing afternoon with my camera. Humid inside of the Garden is high, but pleasant. It's short walk around. There's suspension bridge over the small pond with Koi fish, children playground, benches and chairs for chilling, and lots of information on the panels about butterflies, orchids, bees and many plants and trees treated with love.

After two hours (cost of admission is 11 Euro) of butterflies "hunting" and macro-photography of the plants I made it out. The bar and restaurant at the entrance to the garden are still closed because of regulations - COVID 19 social distancing.

Nevertheless, it was my second visit of the Garden. I was satisfied. What I have learnt this time is how different butterflies have different behaviour and that they each prefer different plant, where are they gathered.

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