You better train before the hike to the Lake Tret!

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Lake Tret – also called Lake Santa Maria – is located in the Italian Alps of the Val di Non valley.

From parking lot to the Lake it's 1 hour hike, but there are few spots, when you tell yourself: This is the very last moment of my life!

It's steep, very steep. Yesterday hike to the Kottkino in Vöran was tough, but short, but this one is sooo looooong!

It's small lake with clean water suitable for swimming (A sign says - quality of the water - Eccelente!) located among trees.

Already sweaty, tired and hungry we make one round around the lake, what could be around 1 1/2 km, returning back to the restaurant by the Lake called Waldruhe having there some snack.

Coffee tastes so well, mineral water is fantastic and toast with cheese, ham and tomato is so least hunger dictates our brains so!

There is noticeable difference 10 to 15 degrees of Celsius between air temperature at the parking lot and around the Lake.

10 km distance hiked, 3 hours, 15 Euro bill for two American coffees, 500 ml mineral water and two big toasts.

Well spent Sunday.

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